SUNDAY seems to me the perfect night for TV viewing.

The sofa is always ridiculously seductive when the excesses of the weekend have taken their toll and all you have to look forward to is a long week at the office.

Now it’s being teamed with one of my favourite programmes of all time as Spooks makes a welcome return for its final – no doubt gripping – series.

Bur the fantastic spy show, which involves MI5 agents making a drama out of a crisis, requires concentration that I just don’t possess at 9pm on a Sunday.

The really rather dull Downton Abbey, which has the same slot on ITV from this weekend, requires far less attention and seems rather more suitable for a sleepy Sunday in your jim jams.

Spooks’ old Monday night slot suited it so much better and worked as a reward for getting through the first day of a rather bleak autumn week I always found.

Thankfully, scheduling is no longer an issue thanks to those fancy digital recorders.

So, on Sunday, I will be preparing for the new week nowhere near a TV screen and in two of my favourite places – St Mary’s Stadium and the pub.

A taped version of Spooks and a catalogue of twists, turns and cliffhangers will await me whenever I please.

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