MEETING Katie Price was an interesting experience.

Not so much the event itself but witnessing the reaction the model inspired in others.

I always try to view the famous with mild irritation but felt she had used her limited talent to lead an interesting life and have unusual experiences to look back on.

Others must share my opinion as I heard some men in the crowd refer to her “lovely memories.”

However, I was surprised that to fans she was something of an aspiration role model.

I was even more disturbed by others who were consumed by a paranoid hatred of the celebrity.

I had not planned on writing my column about her but was persuaded to by the strength of feeling from my readers.

By the time I had reached the bottom of the 14th sack of this week’s fan mail I was left with no doubt she warranted a mention.

Strange though it may sound I have never found stories involving models exciting and they certainly fail to evoke any romantic urges.

Several of my friends think these events sound glamorous but, as I explain, they normally just involve waiting around to talk to someone no more attractive than any girl you could meet in a pub on a Saturday night.

The only difference is many celebrities think they are someone very special indeed and models in particular can have a “people pay just to gaze upon my beauty” air about them.

It is easy to despise someone who spends their whole life trying to become famous and when they do put on dark glasses so nobody recognises them.

Some might suggest this sentiment is touched by the knowledge that without a rubbish 90s pop song or cage fighting history behind me I would almost certainly face rejection.

I hope my aversion to these types is not based entirely on bitterness and envy although admittedly most of my opinions are.

Jordan, oh I’m sorry Katie now she has her clothes on, seemed perfectly nice and did give autographs and banter with all her book-buying fans.

She was also conservatively dressed compared with other signings when she showed up wearing a skirt the size of four tea bags and flashing more silicon valley than California.

Shortly after my brush with fame I was chatting to a beautiful lady friend and could not help but draw comparisons.

Katie Price is without doubt pretty.

Her swollen lips and other protrusions are not to my taste but their gravitational pull do seem to attract their share of fans.

However, if I had to build a girl she would look a little like my friend, that’s how attractive she is.

She is also intelligent, witty and impressive.

Frankly celebrities just don’t measure to the quality of women rejecting my advances in the real world.