WE may be heading into the cold depths of winter, but there’s nothing the people of Southampton like better than getting naked.

Yes sleeping in the all together is a bed time habit some of the city’s more liberal residents just can’t get enough of.

According to a survey, Southampton is one of the country’s hot spots for going to bed in the buff.


Almost 40 cent of Sotonians admitted preferring to snooze in their birthday suits, more than the national average.

Middle-aged men are leading the way in stripping off before slipping between the sheets, according to the study by hotel chain Travelodge.

The only places in the country where more people nod off in the nude are the Yorkshire cities, York, Sheffield and Leeds.

According to experts there are lots of benefits to sleeping naked.

They say the body naturally feels more relaxed and without the restriction of clothing leads to a long deep sleep that helps it regenerate itself.

But sales of pyjamas are unlikely to drop as the research also revealed that four out of ten adults get changed into their PJs as soon as they get home from work.

And one in five women confessing that they spend more time in their PJs than in their normal clothing.