THIS is the site targeted by a fastfood giant as it goes head-to-head with a rival in a Hampshire town.

A former Mercedes garage beside the Rushington roundabout at Totton is due to be replaced by a KFC restaurant that will create 40 jobs.

Arch rival McDonald’s is planning to provide 65 new posts by building a similar facility in nearby Commercial Road.

Its original application was withdrawn earlier this year after sparking a flood of objections but a new scheme is about to be submitted.

Last week the Daily Echo revealed that KFC is also planning to target Totton. Bosses refused to reveal the location of the proposed site but details have finally leaked out.

Councillor David Harrison said the company aimed to redevelop land currently occupied by the Ridgeway Used Car Centre.

He added: “Agents for KFC have employed agents to ‘sound out’ the views of local councillors.

“An agent approached me three weeks ago and showed me the plans on the basis that I wouldn’t reveal the location.

“I kept my word but heard it being openly discussed by other councillors. It’s clearly no longer a secret.”

The roundabout serves two of the busiest roads in the Forest – the A35 and the A326 Marchwood Bypass.

Cllr Harrison added: “An incredible amount of traffic uses the roundabout every day, something KFC are clearly hoping to cash in on.

“There will be a lot of young people in Totton who will be grateful for a job close by.”

Last night KFC confirmed that it planned to open a new outlet beside the Rushington roundabout.

A Ridgeway spokesman said the nine staff would move to a new site if the scheme went ahead.

As reported in the Daily Echo, McDonald’s wants to redevelop the former site of the Red Lion pub, which burned down two years ago.

Its original application was withdrawn earlier this year after sparking a flood of objections.

The site is on a sharp bend and critics claimed that the proposed development would create an accident blackspot.

McDonald’s is about to submit a revised scheme which it hopes will overcome the objections.