A DRUG addicted son burgled his own parents’ home to repay a debt with a dealer, a court heard.

Richard Wood, 28, raided their home in Eastleigh while they were on holiday, stealing £4,000 worth of electronic goods and jewellery.

They returned from their twoweek break to find that their house on Hamilton Road had been broken into, Winchester Crown Court heard.

Among the stolen items were jewellery, an iPod, musical instruments and a laptop.

They told police they suspected Wood. After being arrested by police, Wood immediately admitted it was him.

Tom Wright, prosecuting, said: “He explained that he had stolen the items to repay a drug debt which had put him under a lot of pressure.”

All the items were sold for half their value and none were ever recovered.

The court heard how Wood, of Southampton Road, Eastleigh, was a chronic Class A drug addict, and had in the past received 30 months for drug supply, although this was his first burglary.

Sarah Jones, defending, said her client actually wanted to go to jail She said: “A custodial sentence will enable him to concentrate on remaining free of drugs.

The court also heard how Wood’s parents spurred his desperate plea for forgiveness.

He said: “He understands it is as low as he has ever sunk.

“He has written to his parents saying that he quite understands if they don’t want anything more to do with him.

“But he has had no response to the letter.”

Sentencing him to 18 months in prison, Judge Patrick Hooton said: “You did something that was utterly disgraceful.

“You went into your own parents’ home and helped yourself to all sorts of items to feed your drug habit.

“It’s an awful thing to do and probably means you will not see your parents from a long time.”