THE Bishop of Winchester has expressed disappointment at the defeat of the campaign for women bishops.

The Right Rev Tim Dakin said: “I am very sad that the General Synod was unable to proceed with an agreed way of ordaining women as bishops.

“I shall continue to support the full inclusion of women in all forms of ministry while ensuring that there is an honoured place in the mission of the diocese for those who do not agree with development in this area.

He added: “With colleagues I shall be offering support to those who feel disappointed and confused by this decision.”

The General Synod needed a two-thirds majority in the houses of bishops, clergy and laity.

Whilst more than two thirds voted for the legislation in both the House of Bishops (44-03) and the House of Clergy (148-45), the vote in favour of the legislation in the House of Laity was less than two-thirds (132-74).

In total 324 members of the General Synod voted to approve the legislation and 122 voted to reject it.