STREET sellers ordered off their Southampton city centre pitches by council officials have vowed to continue trading.

But pedlars told to move from the Above Bar pedestrian precinct or face fines of up to £1,000 have promised to do as they are told and move on – for now.

As reported, traders were given notice they must today stop selling their goods, including mobile phone covers, hats and scarves, outside WestQuay Shopping Centre because of complaints from shops they are damaging business.

The sellers, who pay £12.25 a year for a licence, last night promised to abide by the council’s notices, saying they would move away from the precinct and pitch their stalls further along Above Bar.

But they told the Daily Echo they believe they are unlikely to attract enough customers there to make their businesses viable, and said they would reconsider moving back at the weekend if they are proved right.

Ali Jawarneh, 48, who travels from London to sell mobile phone accessories, said: “We will move, but it’s no good there.

“Some have tried it already and they sold nothing all day, so maybe Sunday we will come back.

“We need to keep trading because it’s our livelihood.

Why are the council trying to push people out of work?”