IT is officially the countdown to Christmas and tis the season to be jolly.

But not for the people who graft away at the south's smelliest job in a bid to keep our sewers clean who dread December.

Now the men responsible for wading through our waste in the name of hygiene have starred in their very own video singing an alternative version of a Christmas carol to remind people how to stop sewers blocking and flooding this festive season.

The Southern Water sewer team have proved they are more than just hard workers by singing their hearts out in their hilarious version of The Twelve Days of Christmas telling households what not to flush down the loo.

The video starts with the introduction: “Sewers and treatment works are built to deal with human waste and toilet paper.

“But that's not all that ends up in the system...”

Dressed in their florescent tabards and white hard hats and belting out their biggest notes, the fellas have changed the traditional song's lyrics to highlight exactly what items they have found clogging up the Hampshire sewers.

The first item is one of the worst offenders- fat and grease from the turkey.

But the jolly workers also address other items that end up in the system from nappies and wipes to cotton buds.

It also mentions some of the more unusual things that block the sewers including cutlery, mobile phones, toys, jewellery- and even teeth.

Simon Parker, Southern Water's head of wastewater, said: “The staff who look after our sewers were only too happy to take part, as they see first-hand the devastation sewer blockages can cause.

“The film is a fun and festive way to deliver this serious message to our customers.”

The film urges people to bag it and bin it.