Harley Medical Centre, the parent
company of the firm Kym McEwan used has
since entered administration.
It controversially restructured and set
up a new parent company Aesthethic
and Cosmetic Surgery Ltd with the
same directors and the same addressand
is still known as the Harley Medical
A spokesman for the group would not
discuss Kym’s case.
But the group issued a general
statement, which read: “We have
removed free of charge faulty implants
from those patients where there was a
medical need. This was the right thing to
do and is in line with recommendations
from expert reviews, but the impact on
our business has meant that we would
have been unable to continue without
restructuring and bringing in new
investment. The restructuring now allows
us to continue to care for our patients
who have medical issues arising from
PIP implants and to continue our duty of
care to the rest of our surgical and nonsurgical
patients, as normal.”
He added: “The firm’s restructuring
was the only option after being ‘faced
with liabilities arising from a class action
that we simply wouldn’t have been able
to survive’.