Eleven police officers were attacked during a spate of New Year violence across Hampshire, it has been revealed.

Three Police Community Support Officers were also assaulted responding to incidents over the New Year.

One woman officer suffered a broken nose while on duty in Gosport while another woman PC was headbutted and bitten as she dealt with a suspect in the north of the county.

In Winchester two officers were assaulted in two separate incidents involving being punched and spat on.

John Apter, Chairman of the force’s Police Federation, the body which represents rank and file police officers, said: “Sadly this is the reality of what it is like for police officers over New Year.

“Of course there are more officers on duty to respond to the need for them to be policing at key times but essentially this is what police officers do day in day out.

“They are doing their best to serve their communities and in doing so they put themselves in harms way.

"None of these officers are bemoaning what has happened to them, unfortunately they do realise that sadly this can happen in the job that they do.

"It is never something that society should accept."