IT’S HIGH 5’s all round thanks to the phenomenal success of the Southampton’s rhino charge.

Although still in its early stages, Marwell Wildlife’s Go! Rhinos project has proven such a hit with businesses and schools across Hampshire that another charity is set to benefit from the public art extravaganza.

Wessex Heartbeat’s HIGH 5 Appeal will now, along with the Rose Road Association and Marwell’s own reservation projects, receive funds from the auction of the life-sized rhino sculptures once the summer trail next year is over.

The project, backed by the Daily Echo, promises to boost the economy with an unforgettable trail through the city for ten weeks next summer.

Alison Farrell, Wessex Heartbeat’s chief executive, added: “Wessex Heartbeat is absolutely delighted to be appointed an official charity partner of Go! Rhinos. This is a very exciting project combining as it does education, promotion of the local area and local business, artistry and fun.

“In going out to young people and businesses for support, it fits well with Wessex Heartbeat’s own approaches to fundraising for the HIGH 5 Appeal. We are very much looking forward to the partnership and are confident it will bring benefits to both parties over the coming year.”

The HIGH 5 Appeal is looking to raise £500,000 to build a specialist heart unit for teenagers and young people, who currently are treated on children’s or adult wards where they are left feeling isolated.

Kirstie Mathieson, Go! Rhinos project manager, added: “Go! Rhinos is promising to be one of the biggest events in Southampton next summer.

The Wessex Heartbeat’s HIGH 5 Appeal adds another exciting dimension to the project and we are extremely pleased to welcome them on board.”

The project is asking businesses to pay between £3,500 to £4,000 for a sculpture, which they can then choose to decorate with one of a variety of designs by local artists.

For more information call Kirstie on 01962 777931.