A COLLEAGUE of seaman Ryan Donovan thought he was still drunk just hours before he gunned down his boss on a submarine in Southampton an inquest has heard today.

Leading hand Steven Bailey, 29, who was a chef on board, was giving evidence on the third day of the hearing at the civic centre.

Descrbing Donovan he told coroner Keith Wiseman: “He had a bit of a temper. I wouldn't say he was a laid back person.

"You knew that if you kept going at him, and annoyed him, then he would lose his temper."

Mr Bailey also told the court he remembered going into Donvoan's hotel bedroom at 10am on the day of the shooting, April 8, 2011, and “thought he was still drunk when I saw him”.

He added he believed that Dovovan “wasn't fit for armed duty” that day.

Lt Cmdr Molyneux's widow Gillian was reduced to tears during Mr Bailey's evidence this morning.

Ryan Donovan, 23, is currently serving a minimum of 25 years behind bars for the murder of Lt Cmnd Ian M and the attempted murder of Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hodge, who he shot in the stomach.