THE Daily Echo was there when police raided the property in December 2011.

The Lords allowed us access to their home which was subject to an intense police search using drugs dogs and a number of officers.

Their efforts were hampered by the scale of property within the house as bags of belongings were piled high in every room making it difficult to move about inside.


The stairs were only just passable as books and other items were piled on each step.

The crack house closure is the latest in action brought under Operation Fortress.

Police launched the crackdown on drug dealers and violence related to the drugs trade in Southampton in May 2012.

Sgt Clare Jenkins from the Operation Fortess team said: “Operation Fortess is committed to rebuilding communities in Southampton.

"The work that Sgt Gwyer and the residents of Southcliff Road have undertaken will greatly improve the quality of life for all those living in Southcliff Road and surrounding area.”