A JUDGE gave a supermarket warehouse worker an ultimatum: “Either you complete this work by March 28 or you will go to prison.”

Recorder Stuart Jones QC issued the warning to Gundars Freimanis, who had been given a six months suspended sentence coupled wth 18 months supervision and a 150-hour unpaid work order for affray.

Freimanis, of Wellbeck Avenue, Southampton, admitted failing to attend supervision appointments and failing to attend work with the Probation Service.

The judge said the 22-year-old was trying to “put a quart into a pint pot” by juggling three jobs to send money back to his Latvian family, and he still had almost 60 hours left on the order, which had to be completed by March 28.

Freimanis was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £340.