CHANGES have been made to ambulance navigation systems to try to prevent the repeat of a delay in reaching a two-year-old boy.

Harry Rudge was suffering from a suspected allergic reaction but crews trying to reach him found their way blocked by bollards, delaying them for 10 minutes.

It was the fourth time in four years that emergency vehicles have been held up on the stretch of road in Whiteley because of the bollards.

After their ordeal Harry’s mum Kerry Rudge, of Whiteley, called on Fareham Borough Council to have the bollards permanently in the down position – and they have remained lowered while the matter is being investigated.

Meanwhile South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) said they have withdrawn the route plan from its response system that calculates the quickest routes, meaning that from now on it is most likely that crews from the south and east, rather than the west, will answer emergencies in the area. avoiding the route altogether.

It has also modified its satellite navigation system. A SCAS spokesman confirmed it had apologised to Harry’s family for the delay.

“Hopefully the actions we have taken will help to eradicate further occurrences,” he said.