Chris Huhne's ex-wife insisted on having her fifth child, despite her husband demanding she have an abortion, a court heard today.

Vicky Pryce said she was booked for a termination of her youngest child when she fell pregnant in 1992, but at the last minute refused to go.

Yesterday the 60-year-old revealed Huhne pressured her into having an abortion when she fell pregnant accidentally in 1990.

Giving evidence at her trial for perverting the course of justice by taking Huhne's speeding points, Pryce said the 58-year-old ordered her to have an abortion in 1990, saying it was ''bad for his career''.

The economist claims Huhne later pressured her into taking speeding points for him in 2003 so he could avoid losing his licence.

Southwark Crown Court today heard that after the termination in 1990, Pryce fell pregnant accidentally two years later, and insisted on keeping the baby.

She had two children from a previous marriage and two with Huhne at the time.

A visibly upset Pryce said: ''The same argument ensued, it was all booked and I was meant to go that morning.

''I woke up and knew how I had felt about the previous one and knew I couldn't do it.

''It was the experience of the previous one that actually allowed me to do that but it was only on the day itself.''

She said: ''That was at the very very last minute when it would have been very very difficult for anyone to tell me different.

''I just couldn't bring myself to do it and I had learned from the previous one.

''I was nevertheless brought to the brink.''

Describing her son as ''wonderful'', Ms Pryce admitted that it showed that on occasions she had stood up to Huhne.

''It's true, I can resist it and I have at times.

''We are different people at different times.

''The reason I was stronger perhaps the second time is because I knew and felt what it was like to have gone through this experience before.''