WINCHESTER mum Sarah Dodd will be walking on fire this Saturday to raise money for charity.

Ms Dodd, 32, mother of three, of Cromwell Road, Stanmore, is getting hot feet in Amesbury for the JDRF medical charity that helps those with diabetes.

Her eight-year-old son, Zackery, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in December 2011 and now has to inject himself four times a day with insulin to stay alive.

She said: “Before the diagnosis we were naive, like many others, and thought diabetes only affected the elderly or overweight people.

“Not for one second would we ever think it would affect one of our fit and healthy children. We didn’t even know the symptoms.

“We are supporting JDRF in many fundraising events over the year as they are dedicated in raising awareness of type 1 diabetes and research into finding a cure.

“JDRF have been a great support to us over this past year and have helped
us find other parents who are living with type 1 diabetes too.”

Her partner Alex McDowall, 32, also plans to do an abseil in June for JDRF.