A NINE-year-old Hampshire schoolgirl has won a place in the International Harp Ensemble.

Talented Rosie Gill, pictured above, is only just big enough to reach all the strings on her Celtic Harp.

But that has not stopped her achieving distinctions in exams and joining the ensemble in an appearance on Songs of Praise.

Rosie, also a talented pianist, is a pupil of Hordle Primary School and lives in Bashley in the New Forest with her mum Caroline, a piano teacher, dad Robbie and brother Jake.

She took up the harp just a year ago, but has already reached Grade 5.

Rosie is taught by the lead harpist in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra who suggested she works within a group.

As well as classical pieces, the ensemble also performs music from well-known chart-toppers such as Coldplay.

Caroline said: “The ensemble has toured in Europe and will go to America this year.

“We go to Surrey every two weeks so Rosie can rehearse with them and she is really enjoying being part of a group.”