A HINDU holy man visited Southampton this weekend to impart his words of wisdom on religious scriptures.

Swami Anand Giri ji Maharaj, also known as Anandji, went to the Vedic Hindu Society Temple in Radcliffe Road to performManasarovar Katha in Hindi, give discourses on the material and sessions of yoga.

Manasarovar is a lake in the Himalayas and in the Hindu faith relates to how Lord Shiva married his wife Parvati and the events which took place leading up to that.

Swami Giri ji, who comes from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh in northern India, explained to the congregation the significance of the scriptures along with how they can be applied to daily lives over the course of the weekend.

He was also there to teach various forms of yoga.

A spokesman of the Vedic Society Hindu Temple said it was an honour for Swami Giri ji to visit the Northam temple.

He said: “The underlying aspect is always about uplifting the moral values as well as the spiritual values of the individual. Swami Giri ji is well-versed in yoga and Sanskrit. This is his second visit to Southampton and hopefully he will visit again next year.”