A MUM was horrified when she found glass in her baby’s porridge mixture.

Tracey Holloway is angry that her seven-month-old’s throat could have been cut if she had not spotted the shard of green glass, and fed it to him.

She fears that other packets of Cow & Gate porridge may also be contaminated and has warned other parents to be vigilant when feeding their youngsters with the banana and strawberry mix to prevent any serious injuries.

But Cow & Gate insists it is a very “unusual” and “isolated” incident and has vowed to work with Southampton’s environmental health investigation team to identify where this piece of glass came from.

Mum-of-one Tracey, from Millbrook, told the Daily Echo she screamed with horror when she discovered the glass, which was nearly half an inch (1cm) long, in her son’s porridge.

Green glass She said that the box the porridge came in was not damaged and that it was the first time she had used the product, which is suitable for babies aged four months upwards.

As the glass was green it stood out from the beige mixture, but Tracey fears it could have easily been missed had she been in a rush and not fully concentrating on what she was doing.

Tracey, 27, said: “I was absolutely mortified. I felt so upset and guilty because I was the one who was about to feed this to my son, which would have seriously harmed him.

“It would have cut his gums and throat and I would have been clueless about why that was happening.

“He is the most precious thing in my life and I want the best for him, so to see this in his baby dish was horrifying.

“To have this appear in any food is awful but to find it in a baby product, you just expect higher standards.”

She has made a complaint to Cow & Gate and Southampton City Council’s Trading Standards team, which has passed it to environmental health as it concerns a foreign body.