HAMPSHIRE residents left without power on Christmas Day will be given compensation.

Energy company SSE has announced up to 5,850 residents who suffered power cuts for any amount of time on Christmas Day will be given compensation of £75.

And residents who remained without power in subsequent days will be given payments of £54 for the first 48 hours, and a further £54 for each subsequent 12-hour period.

Residents in Redbridge, Bishopstoke and the New Forest were among those hit by power cuts after storms on Christmas Eve.

It meant many saw their festive plans ruined, and some residents in Bishopstoke even saw their power return on Christmas Day - only for it to cut out again in the middle of cooking their dinner.

And while most residents saw power restored by Boxing Day, some were still without electricity on December 28.

In a statement, SSE said: “Our customers' patience during this time was exceptional and, to provide support during the power cut, we provided hot meals and accommodation. However, in recognition of the severity of the event, we are offering all domestic and business customers who were without electricity for 48 hours a payment of £54 and further payments of £54 for each subsequent full 12 hour period.

“The timing of this weather event will have disrupted many of our customers' Christmas plans, and some will not be eligible for these payments. Hence we are extending our goodwill payments so that any customer who was without electricity for any time on Christmas Day, regardless of the duration of the power cut, will be guaranteed £75.”

If you were affected by the power cuts, and are due compensation, you can fill in a form at ssepd.co.uk/Goodwill/