A prolific offender was fined for being drunk and disorderly in public.

Nicholas McJury, 47, was found outside a house in Old Northam Road, Southampton, by police officers following reports of a fight on December 1.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard how officers found him drinking a can of Special Brew, with McJury denying there had been an incident.

But as the officers left the scene they saw McJury in the middle of the road obstructing a car being driven by a female.

The court heard McJury, who has 83 previous convictions, was swearing and flailing his arms around.

Christine Burke, prosecuting, said officers had to use force to detain and handcuff him.

McJury, who pleaded guilty to one charge of being drunk and disorderly, told the court: “I cannot remember much about it. All I can say is I was not in the right frame of mind – I cremated my wife and my father died a day later.”

Magistrates’ chairman Trevor Vidler handed a £30 fine to McJury, of Old Northam Road, and ordered him to pay a victim surcharge of £20.