A troupe of Eastleigh-based dancers are working on an exciting cross-Channel collaboration.

The Joli Vyann group joined The Point as associate artists in October 2013 and have been in the theatre’s Creation Space developing a new piece with the help of Florence Caillon, who is known for her work across the dance-circus fusion scene in Europe.

The collaboration is part of the PASS Circus Channel Project, with support from the Arts Council, which aims to support the development of circus for performers and audiences.

Joli Vyann’s creative director, Olivia Quayle, said: “The experience has been very interesting for both sides as we work very differently but our work compliments each other in a nice way.

“We have learned to enrich our body language while we taught her some of our strong partnering skills.”

The untitled piece they have produced is based on journeys and “explores the fate and life of people who cross borders, mainly refugees and immigrants”.

The piece is a work in progress and is expected to hit the stage in October 2014, but an audience at The Point has already been treated to a sneak peek through a small, daytime performance.