HYTHE and Waterside Rotary has donated a further four ShelterBoxes to be sent to people suffering in the aftermath of natural disasters or displaced from their homes by conflict.

Each ShelterBox costs £590 and contains a ten-person tent, cooking equipment, basic tools, water purification facilities and other vital equipment.

One of the ShelterBoxes was bought with a donation made to Hythe Rotary by a member of the local community following the Philippines typhoon.

Another was financed from part of the proceeds of Hythe Rotary’s weekly wine draw during its meetings.

The remaining two were purchased with a proportion of the takings at the club’s pre-Christmas collections in Holbury and Dibden.

ShelterBoxes are despatched to areas such as Syria where many thousands of refugees are living in harsh conditions, or areas hit by devastating events such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and typhoons.