WHEN Beth Halford journeyed to Nepal last year she had no idea how important her work would become to the local community.

The 29-year-old travelled to Kathmandu for three months in 2013 to volunteer her physiotherapy services to the SERC School for Disabled Children, where she taught severely handicapped children to walk, sit and crawl.

Now she wants to share her experiences of working as a physiotherapist abroad with her home community, and will be holding a talk at Itchen Abbas village hall.

The talk will include a slideshow of pictures from Miss Halford’s humanitarian work, as well as information on the trials and tribulations of living and volunteering in a foreign country.

Beth, of Romsey, said: “I personally think it’s important for people to be aware of other cultures and the struggles of other communities of people elsewhere and what others can do to help them.

“It can help put lives into perspective and appreciate what we have.”

She added: “I’m still in close contact with the school, and I am planning to work with them again in the future.”

Tickets cost £10 and all proceeds from the evening will directly fund Miss Halford’s ongoing voluntary work.

Starting on February 5, Miss Halford’s next project takes her to Vietnam to work with the Lifestart Foundation for six months, where she will treat disabled adults in a free disability clinic, as well as teach their local physiotherapist western skills to set them up for the future. After that, she will be returning to Kathmandu for eight months to set up a charity to improve health and education in rural areas of Nepal.

To purchase tickets for the talk to be held on Saturday at 6pm, contact beth.halford7@gmail.com or phone 01962 779 611.