THE sister and partner of a Southampton man killed in a terrorist attack in Afghanistan last night flew out to bring him home.

Del Singh’s younger sister Dishi Phangurha and his partner of four years Komal Adris were due to depart for Kabul to collect his possessions and escort his body back to the UK.

As reported, the 39-year-old, from St Mary’s, was one of 21 people, including another Briton, who died when the Taliban targeted a restaurant in the Afghan capital last Friday night.

A funeral will take place in Southampton, but the date has yet to be decided and a further memorial event may take place in London.

Mr Singh, of Northumberland Road, was working as an international development consultant for Adam Smith International – a leading international advisory firm. The family say the firm is working with the Foreigh Office to repatriate Mr Singh.

Miss Phangurha said that despite the company advising them not to make the distressing journey they wanted to go and expect to return by Thursday.

Miss Phangurha, 34, said: “I don’t want him to be on his own, I want to bring him back.”

Mr Singh had worked in international aid for more than a decade, managing EU and UN projects as well as others for the Department for International Development in the Middle East.

His work had taken him to some of the world’s most war-torn countries in a bid to help them rebuild, incuding Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Sudan.

But his work was not limited to abroad and he also worked with the homeless, unemployed and underprivileged in the UK.

Mr Singh was particularly interested in human rights issues in Palestine and was a co-ordinator in the Labour Friends of Palestine group.

Yesterday, the Ambassador for the Palestinian Mission in the UK joined the mounting tributes to Mr Singh.

Manuel Hassassian said: “Del Singh epitomized the symbol of commitment and dedication to freedom and justice. He was an inspiration to all freedom fighters and an example of integrity of international supporters of the Palestinian people and cause.

“Until the last minute of his life, Palestine was always in his heart and soul.”

The Palestinian Mission in the UK added: “The Palestinian people have lost a dear and genuine friend and supporter of Palestine.

“Del devoted his life campaigning for social justice and peace in Palestine and the world at large.

“He was an outstanding and committed advocate for Palestinian human rights full of passion, humility, and dedication trying to make the world a better place.

“He has touched so many hearts and has left a great legacy that many international solidarity activists should follow.”

The mission plans, together with other groups, to hold a memorial in tribute to Mr Singh’s work in Palestine.