CHILDREN up for adoption in Hampshire are spending less time in care than other areas of the country, latest figures have revealed.

According to Government figures, Hampshire County Council continues to perform well in the three main areas when it comes to adoption compared to the national average.

Since November 2012, the average time between a child entering care and moving in with its adoptive family is 599 days – 48 days shorter than the national average of 647 days.

During 2010-2013, 58 per cent of children in Hampshire were placed with adoptive families within six months of the placement order being granted by courts.

This took an average of 192 days – 18 days ahead of the national average.

Councillor Keith Mans, Hampshire County Council’s executive lead member for children’s services, said: “Currently, we are recruiting a full range of adopters to ensure the best possible match is made to meet the individual needs of a child, thereby securing the best possible longer term outcomes for that child.

“We have also invested in more specialist assessors so that we are able to assess more potential adopters. This means that we will be able to assess 90 adopters over the next 12 months.”

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