HE had only stopped to look for his phone but ended up saving a life.

Southampton schoolboy Craig Harris proved one good turn deserves another when he saved 54-year-old Kim Burchell-Day’s dog Frankie from being swept away in the River Itchen.

Kim, of Dimond Road, Bitterne Park, had been helping Craig search for his lost phone in Riverside Park when the two-year-old Australian cattle dog fell off the path into the Itchen.

Craig, 15, of Bassett, grabbed Frankie by the collar and hauled her to safety just before she was swept away.

The Bitterne Park School pupil said: “I just leant out and grabbed her as she was being swept away. I didn’t really stop to think when it happened.

“Afterwards she was very grateful and everyone’s reaction at school has been very positive but I only did what anyone would do.”

Kim, a carer, said: “There is no way I could have got her out of the water.

“Craig was brilliant and is an absolute hero.”