A mother of three says she is afraid for her children’s safety after roof tiles keep falling from her home.

Kelly Smart was left waiting more than a month after tiles fell from her home onto a car for the problem to be fixed.

And despite assurances that the section of roof would be replaced to stop further problems, she is still waiting.

Now Kelly feels she cannot let people park near her home and is afraid her children will be injured.

The problems started late last year when the first three tiles fell on Kelly’s car, smashing the back window, causing £150 damage.

These tiles were replaced and the 30-year-old said she was told the rest of the roof was secure.

However, just before Christmas more fell hitting partner Ashley Prince’s car, causing £400 damage.

The three-bedroom housing association property, in Wagtail Close, Eastleigh, is managed by First Wessex.

It sent a surveyor who once again assured her that no more would come down, but someone would be coming out on December 27 to replace the lost tiles.

No-one turned up.

Distracted by health concerns with her newborn baby, who had to go into hospital, Kelly had not pursued the issue, but has now found damp in her bathroom and further tiles have fallen, one close to where she was standing.

She rang First Wessex again and the worker who came to inspect it apologised saying he had forgotten to diary her previous appointment.

He also said that at least one other tile was loose.

Kelly was told workers would replace all the tiles on that section of roof and fix the bathroom ceiling, but neither of these repairs have been done and Kelly has been told this was because work was complete.

She is worried for children, Joshua, 10, Charlie, 7, and three-month-old Lilly-Rose Prince.

“Someone is going to get hurt,” she said.

“My eldest son is too scared to walk out the front door.”

Hazel Warwick, Asset Management Director at First Wessex, said safety was its primary comcern and all reports of falling tiles are dealt with immediately.

She said following a report of further tiles falling, a surveyor promptly attended and repaired the roof within two days.

She said a surveyor would visit last week to assess the bathroom ceiling.but that still has not happened.

“Due to the extreme weather we are experiencing, we are unable to carry out work at height during strong wind,”she added.

“Once it is safe to do so, a surveyor will also re-inspect the roof at the property.”