IT was saved from a skip 13 years ago.

But now this print of the luxury SS United States cruise liner in Southampton docks has found a new home thanks to the Daily Echo.

Brian Motteram rescued the picture when helping with a refit at the city centre branch of Boots, where his wife Jean worked as a cashier.

Daily Echo:

Now he has given the 2ft square photograph to shipping enthusiast Clive Curtis, who as previously reported, built a port in his spare bedroom.

The great-grandparentsof- four from Warsash, had been looking to re-home the black and white print since he and his wife redecorated last year.

The picture had been framed at the store’s picture framing department and hung in a staff corridor, but Brian had asked to take it home when the manager threatened to throw it out.

Brian, 74, said: “I was pleased Mr Curtis wanted it because I knew it would go to a good home.

“We’ve wondered for ages what to do with it and we saw the piece about Mr Curtis and thought I’d get in touch.”

Daily Echo:

Jean, 64, said: “I just didn’t want it thrown away. It’s a picture of a ship that’s part of Southampton Dockyard’s history.

“I’m pleased it’s going to a good home. I’d seen it on the walls at Boots for years.”

The print is the latest addition to the Southampton General Hospital porter’s collection of shipping paintings, memorabilia and 36 model vessels which fill his home in Outer Circle, Coxford.

Daily Echo:

The 58-year-old grandfatherof- four said: “I’m blown away. I just never expected anything like this. The picture is really beautiful.

“I’d like to thank the Daily Echo because without my story, I wouldn’t have such a lovely picture.

“It’s going to take pride of place next to my picture of the SS Camberra above my dockyard.

“I was quite amazed by all the feedback and how many people have seen the story.”

His wife, Debbie, 55, an administrator at the hospital, said: “This is the best piece of memorabilia he has.

“I think it’s lovely. I’m not really into the dockside but there’s so much history of the city in the picture that it is really interesting.”