IT is the dramatic climax of a high speed police chase on a Hampshire motorway.

A thick cloud of white debris explodes on the pursuing officers’ windscreen as a terrified courier orders his passenger to throw drugs from the moving car.

Minutes later the fleeing driver and passenger were arrested, searched at the roadside and taken to the cells.

But it was not long before police were on the trail of notorious single mum Ayshea Evans who pedalled thousands of pounds worth of drugs from her Hampshire home – while claiming hundreds of pounds in benefits every week.

Southampton Crown Court heard how the investigation began on the night of January 7 last year when officers in a marked police car spotted a Hyundai car being driven at speed on the M3 near Winchester. At the wheel was Samuel Reeves and in the passenger seat was his accomplice Steven Kelly who were making their way to Hampshire from Liverpool.

They began tailing the vehicle, which at the height of the chase reached speeds of 86mph, before a package was thrown from the passenger window sending white powder exploding over the squad car.

Prosecutor Anthony Bailey told the court how the powder was “jettisoned” straight into the path of the police car behind.

The court heard how the Hyundai then pulled over on the hard shoulder of the M27 and both men were searched and arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs.

Reeves was found carrying £1,695 in bank notes which he claimed were his poker winnings.

Meanwhile tests were carried out on the powder which was later found to be benzocaine – a legal drug and medical anaesthetic used to cut cocaine and reduce its purity before sale.

But it was the link between the pair and 37-year-old Evans, who had rented the car, that led police to her door.

The drug dealing mum-of-three was arrested three times during the course of a police investigation into drugs supply in the county. On two occasions she was found with drugs, including cocaine and cannabis, stashed inside her bra.

Daily Echo: Ayesha Evans

As well as having the money to rent the vehicle, she also owned two other vehicles and kept a pet horse – despite being on benefits of around £400 a week.

The court heard how with Reeves and Kelly in custody awaiting questioning, they went to the home of Evans in Shakespeare Drive, Totton, on the morning of January 8 last year and arrested her.

During a search of her home they found a cooking pot with 17mg of cocaine inside, a bag of amphetamine, small ‘deal’ bags, lists of customers who bought drugs, weighing scales, a ‘deal’ phone and a book about how to cut cocaine.

She was bailed, but officers returned two months later to re arrest Evans and found her with nine grams of cocaine hidden inside her bra.

Admitted The court was told she was arrested a third time and taken into custody where she was strip-searched and once again drugs, this time cannabis and amphetamines, were found hidden inside her bra.

Evans admitted three counts of intent to supply all three drugs and possessing cannabis and cocaine.

But she denied being part of a conspiracy to use benzocaine to supply cocaine.

She claimed the illicit drugs found were for her own use to share with two other friends.

Mitigating, Maria Lamb said: “She has been through an abusive relationship, she has had three children and their position is going to be difficult.

“She has tried over many years to seek help with her drug habit.”

But sentencing her, Judge Peter Ralls QC said: “This was drug dealing on a large scale of hundreds and thousands of pounds being involved.

He added: “Bank details show she was living way beyond what she was being offered on benefits.”

Reeves, 29, of Sedgefield Close, Totton, admitted charges relating to the supply of cocaine and possessing the proceeds of criminal conduct.

Barrister Frank Abbot, for Reeves, pleaded for clemency stressing his client had no part in the cutting of benzocaine.

But jailing him, Judge Ralls, said: “The money in his pockets is the proceeds of drugs.”

Reeves, who was also disqualified from driving for 12 months for admitting driving the Hyundai without insurance, showed no emotion as he was sent down for two years.

Kelly, 41, of Beechwood Road, Liverpool, was sentenced at an earlier hearing after admitting perverting the course of justice. He was handed a 12-month jail term suspended for two years by the judge.

A ‘nightmare’ year for suffering neighbours

Daily Echo: Shakespeare Drive, where Ayshea Evans dealt drugs from her home

NEIGHBOURS in a Totton estate yesterday alleged that they had suffered “a year of hell” living next to drug-dealing mum Ayshea Evans.

Residents in Shakespeare Drive claim that they were subjected to months of antisocial behaviour and late night noise.

One person, who wished to remain anonymous, said that it started with barking dogs and loud parties immediately after the mum moved in during February 2012.

The woman said that the situation quickly accelerated to drugs customers arriving at all hours of the day, and she says that she witnessed drunken visitors vomiting on lawns, and cars being damaged.

Neighbours were told to keep personal logs of disturbances and activities for a year to send to New Forest District Council.

She added: “It’s been a nightmare. We suffered from lack of sleep and had a saying that when it went dark that was the time they came out to play. The police have done really well to convict her.”
Neighbours said that the police became involved after complaints were made against Evans at a community meeting.
One woman described it as “bedlam” and added: “It was months of hell.”

‘Drug dealers aren’t safe anywhere...’
CATCHING the fleeing couriers after the high-speed chase was vital to hunting down another Hampshire drug-dealer.

The astonishing footage, which can be seen at|video, is part of the latest triumph in Operation Fortress to eradicate violent drug dealers plying their trade on the county’s streets.

The campaign initially targeted drug-dealing in Southampton but has now been extended across the county.

PC Jess Lawlor said: “This shows how robustly we target persistent offenders.

“Evans was a substantial dealer in Totton and we have removed her from the community.

“Operation Fortress is branching out and we want drug dealers to know they are not safe anywhere in Hampshire.

“We are warning people that Hampshire is an inhospitable place to deal drugs.”

She warned that those caught with legal substances as benzocaine still run the risk of being jailed if they are found to be linked to the illegal drugs trade.