GHOST hunters have are investigating strange goings-on at a Southampton museum.

Paranormal investigators who have launched a year-long investigation after staff and volunteers at Solent Sky in Southampton claimed to have seen ghostly figures and heard mysterious noises.

Some of the unexplained occurrences include hearing the sound of people running on the museum floor late at night when no-one was inside.

Others said they have seen figures lurking in-between the planes.

Daily Echo:

The investigation will be carried out by ghost-hunting group Haunted Southampton, and it is the first long-running paranormal probe into mysterious disturbances at the same place in the city.

The group decided to investigate when they were told by a friend who had visited the museum that staff had experienced some unusual disturbances.

Full-time investigator Peter Collins followed up the lead and spoke to the musuem manager about finding out whether the museum is housing spirits as well as old aircraft including Spitfires.

On the first investigation at the museum back in January, Peter and his wife Juliet claim to have seen a mysterious figure running between two planes.

Another person who has heard and seen things he can’t explain is Andy Southwell, who volunteers at the Albert Road South museum.

He said: “I often think I see something out of the corner of my eye but when I look back it’s gone. I’ve also heard footsteps late at night when locking up and there’s been no one here.

“It’s not scary, we just want some answers.”

One aircraft which some visitors and staff say could be haunted is the Sandringham flying boat (below) – the museum’s centre piece.

Daily Echo:

Solent Sky manager Steve Alcock said: “When you’re on your own you sometimes hear the flagstones next to the Sandringham make noises – but you know there’s no-one there.”

The results of the study will be revealed in December.