His life was saved thanks to the timely use of a defibrillator.

Now Hampshire teenager Sam Mangoro could need another medical device to protect him from suffering heart problems in the future.

The 16-year-old, who had a heart attack while in a PE lesson at Mountbatten School in Romsey, could now be fitted with a pacemaker.

Dad Michael said doctors were waiting for several test results before they made any decision on his future.

Mr Mangoro, of Romsey, said: “We are just waiting for test results now to find out what we can do for further treatment. A heart operation is one option and another is having something like a pacemaker. It is all up in the air at the moment but Sam is recovering well.

“It is still a bit of a mystery over how he ended up here in the first place so we are at the stage where we are waiting to see what we can do to stop it happening again.”

Although Sam is on the road to recovery his dad said he remained very tired and would be in hospital for a while yet.

He added: “He is tired and he cannot walk very far but we have come a long way from where we were even a week ago.”

The Mangoro family is backing the Daily Echo’s Save a Life in Schools campaign urging all Hampshire schools to purchase a defibrillator.

As reported by the Daily Echo, county and city education bosses have praised the campaign which pleased Mr Mangoro.

He said: “I know councils cannot force schools to get defibrillators but if they are encouraging them that is a very good step.”

Around half of Hampshire’s secondary schools do not possess the life-saving equipment, which costs around £800.

Our campaign has also been backed by charities and politicians including St John Ambulance, South Central Ambulance Service and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.