FED up pensioners say young people who can’t handle their drink are turning their neighbourhood into a “vomitorium”.

Residents in Winchester city centre say they are being driven to “breaking point” by rowdy revellers as they pour out of a local bar just 50 yards from their front doors.

They claim drunken partygoers spill out of the Vodka bar and nightclub on Upper Brook Street during the early hours and cause a nuisance – being sick, throwing bottles and making noise. In the latest incident a sandbag was taken from the side of the road and dumped on top of a car parked in the street.

Now they’re demanding action from city council bosses who they blame for allowing the venue to reopen three months ago.

The late-night bar and club opened last December under new management. It’s open until 3am on the weekend and tempts customers with posters offering shots for £1.50 and the chance to “party at the weekend on a student budget”.

Co-owner Kalvin Collymore said he attended a meeting with police and council chiefs and invited residents to raise any concerns before they opened up – but only three people turned up.

Parchment Brooks Residents’ Association chairman Michael Coker-Davies called for action.

He said: “People may say that this is a city and we should expect noise, but there’s that, and then there is living with a nightclub 50 yards away from the homes of elderly people and families with young children. It’s lunacy.”

Another resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s a vomitorium. People just go down there and get slaughtered and then come down here throwing bottles and being sick everywhere. It’s clearly a bunch of kiddiwinks who can’t handle their booze.”

The city council confirmed it had received two complaints of anti-social behaviour since the start of the year and would investigate them.

But Mr Collymore said he wasn’t aware of any issues and the club did what it could to limit noise.

He said: “The place is soundproofed, the bass has a limiter, and we have done everything we can to make sure the noise doesn’t disturb people.

“The council are happy with it.

“We always make sure at the end of the night that we go and bleach the alleyway outside, and the bouncers don’t go home until everybody else has gone.

“We have given residents our phone numbers so that if there any problems they can call us and we can sort it out there and then.”

Hampshire Constabulary said it had not received complaints but urged people to report problems.

  • A vomitorium is actually a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre or a stadium, through which big crowds can exit rapidly at the end of a performance.