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THEY are trying to transform their lives through their hidden talents.

X Factor hopefuls have turned out in Southampton today as the TV show hunts for the next James Arthur, One Direction or Sam Bailey.

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Mobile auditions are taking place at WestQuay and people of all ages are at the scene trying to impress the judges.

And younger competitors got their chance to shine this afternoon with a special round for children in full time education.

More than 50 college and school students turned up between 3.30-4.30pm with older contestants being turned away by the end of the day after the queue closed.

Shannon Wilson, 17, a St College College student, of Gosport, said: "I've always wanted to sing. When they lowered the age level to 14 I was only 13, then they raised it again so I had to wait.

"I used to be in a band called Beyond Existence where I was on vocals, we gigged a bit but it didn't go far. I'm really nervous, it took me an hour and a half to get here because I had to get the bus."

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Shannon Wilson, 17, tried her luck for the X Factor

Kimberleigh Hendrikse, 16 was waiting for her father to come back from Eastleigh with her ID after nearly being turned away at the barriers.

She said: "They thought I was older than I actually am, I'm only 16, my dad has gone to get my passport he has been fighting for me since I was little I'm relieved they let me in the queue."

Rapha Matonga, 19, a college student from Warsash was the first to go through to the next round of auditions.

After performing Ain't No Sunshine for the two judges at West Quay, Rapha was asked to sing a second song, Etta James' All I Could Do Was Cry.

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Rapha Matonga celebrates getting through to the next round

She said: "I'm so excited! I love this I was so nervous but this has always been my main passion, to perform. I didn't think they liked it because they looked a bit bored. I'm phoning everyone now, this is amazing."

Rapha will now travel to London on April 14 for the next round of auditions.

Ottavio Donato Columbro, 22, a fashion and PR student at Southampton Solent University was the second singer to receive a golden ticket and will audition again.

After getting through to the Bootcamp two years ago, Ottavio was told to go away and work on his voice.

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Ottavio Donato Columbro was the second person through

He said: "I was one of the last 22 boys and nearly got to the judges houses and had to apply again when I found out auditions were so close.

"I think the judges could hear that I had improved and said they had never heard a boy sing a Mariah Carey song so well."

Girlband of six months 'Ivy' filled West Quay Shopping centre with screams of excitement after receiving a yes from the judges.

Tasha Pyne, 19, Emma Wright, 22, Paris Tredell, 19 and Sarah Jayne Riedel, 17, come from across the UK and will now go to London on April 14 for stage two of the audition process.

Tasha, who is also a fire eater, said: "We are so excited and relieved, we have been together about five or six months but we have been preparing for this for just a few weeks, we all live so far apart, we came to Southampton for a night out and a sleepover.”

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Girlband Ivy is through to the next stage

Sarah Jayne added: "Our harmony and guitar are really raw we focus on our voices. If we have to dance we will, we all have the ability to but we like to focus on our voices.”

Emma Bundey, 19, a kitchen assistant from Totton, sang Hallelujah, a previous X Factor-winning song for Alexandra Burke.

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Emma Bundy in line for auditions

Emma said: “At the money I work as a kitchen assistant but it's not what I want to be."

"I'm really nervous about today but I'm trying not to be. I haven't told anyone I'm here just in case I don't get through."

Ron Atwill, 48, a landscaper from Lordshill and Si Genaro, 42, a professional musician from New Forest sang for the Echo in the line while they waited to audition.

The pair auditioned in Bournemouth yesterday and did not get through but where determined to show how passionate they are.

Si previously auditioned for BBC show The Voice and did not get through.

Jess Page, 20, a B&Q worker from Bursledon, is also back for another crack at breaking through to the televised auditions.

She said: "I have auditioned before in the past in London so I thought I would give it another shot. I'm more confident this year; you've just got to go for it! “You can't win if you don't try and I've bought my friend Roxy for support."

Daily Echo: Jess Page, 20, shows some attitude before her audition

The auditions take place until 3.30pm, or 4.30pm for those in full-time education. All entrants must be aged over 16.

Melissa Blaikie, 19, a Winchester University student, Whiteley, brought along her guitar to play Katy Perry's The One That Got Away.

Daily Echo: Melissa Blaikie

She said: "I have always loved performing and stuff so I thought I would give it a go."

"I've been singing forever, there's even videos from when I was 5 years old singing Shania Twain"