STUDENTS from Southampton took to the field as part of World Autism Awareness Day.

The day aims to increase awareness about people, especially children, with autism.

Teachers took around 70 students, 25 of whom are on the autistic spectrum, from the Learning Support Department at Bitterne Park School to St Mary’s Stadium.

Once inside they unveiled ‘World Autism Day’ on banners in the eight languages of Southampton FC’s first team.

Banners written in Croatian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and French, along with English, were held up by pupils at the stadium, next to the manager’s dugout.

The idea came from the pupils in the Learning Support Student Voice who wanted to raise awareness in a creative way.

Bitterne Park School has around 60 pupils on the autistic spectrum many of who receive support within mainstream lessons.

A new Additional Resource Base for pupils with autism has also been established since September.