TRAFFIC was brought to a stand still today when a lorry got stuck on top of a bridge.

The lorry had been heading into Campbell Road in Eastleigh when it clipped a metal barrier on the side of the railway bridge at 11.10am.

Drivers got out of their cars which queued up to the Swan Centre to stretch their legs and have a look at the blockage.

A passing police officer on a motorbike stopped to help move the vehicle and another lorry driver carrying a forklift truck used the forklift to free the stranded lorry.

The road was cleared by 12.20pm and traffic returned to normal.

Donald King was driving his car behind the lorry at the time of the incident as he tried to go home to Campbell Road.

The 59-year-old security officer said: "It just turned too tight on the bridge and he got caught on the corner of the bridge and his back wheels lifted up.

"He said he's a new driver and apologised to us."