A MUM has told of the terrifying moment an out-of-control dog attacked her in a public park, biting her face three times.

Michelle Parker had stepped in to stop her puppy being mauled to death by what is believed to Staffordshire bull terrier, which was not on a lead at the time.

It had grabbed her eight-month-old Pomeranian Toby in its jaws and was savaging it in Cutbush Lane Recreation Ground, Townhill Park, Southampton.

Her ordeal only ended when the owner grabbed the raging dog, giving Michelle time to escape with Toby.

Michelle, 43, needed treatment at Southampton General Hospital for a cut lip, bites to her right ear and bruising on her cheek.

Michelle, who works as a solicitor at Eric Robinson in Southampton, said: “I was just walking along with Toby who was on a leash, and I heard some shouting and I heard the owner shout at his dog which was running towards my dog at a million miles an hour.

“Toby started to run off and he was quite scared. I could not get hold of him and the dog was biting him and throwing him around like a ragdoll.

Daily Echo: Michelle Parker shortly after she was attacked by a dog in Townhill ParkMichelle Parker in the aftermath of the attack

As I leaned down to pick him up, that was when the dog went for me and bit me in the face. At the time my only concern was for Toby, if I had not stepped in he would have mauled him to death.

“I was not concerned about me, I was just scared about my dog. The dog could have bitten my ear off for all I care, I just wanted to save Toby.”

The dog’s owner was a young man who was with a group of several people at the time including a young girl. There was also another Staffordshire bull terrier type dog running around the field without a lead.

After the attack Michelle, mum to 16-yearold daughter Chloe, said the owner apologised and said his dog had never done anything like that previously, but he refused to put the dog on a lead. He later ran off when witnesses asked him to give his details.

Daily Echo: Michelle Parker's scras following the dog attackMichelle Parker's injuries

Police were called and Michelle, of Torridge Gardens, West End, was taken to Southampton General Hospital by South Central Ambulance Service. Toby was treated at Beech House Veterinary Centre in West End Road, Bitterne, for injuries to his back. He was given injections and is now on painkillers.

Hampshire police are investigating the attack at 7pm on Wednesday and appealing for witnesses. Anyone with information should ring Eastleigh police station on 101.

  • Additional reporting by Megan Thomas