“WE can’t live in these disgusting conditions any longer.”

Those are the words of a Southampton grandfather who is sick and tired of mould in his four-bedroom home.

Ivan Vanderstichele says that since he moved into the semi-detached house in Millbrook, Southampton City Council has been doing a variety of repairs to try and end his mould misery – but none of them have worked.

He has now called on housing bosses to rehouse him and his family permanently – or move them out so they can do a “proper” job.

The unemployed 52-year-old lives in Copeland Road with his wife Leeann, 39, and four daughters, Stephanie, 16, Carolanne, 16, Paige, 20, and Monique, 21.

He says the mould has become so bad that it is making the walls black, his toilet is sinking into the floor and woodworm keeps coming back.

He said that he and his family have taken steps to try to beat the mould, like keeping all the windows open, but the mould always comes back with a vengeance.

Ivan is also worried as his daughter Carolanne is eight months pregnant, and he does not want his grandchild to grow up with breathing problems.

Mr Vanderstichele, said: “I have lost count of how many people have come in to do rep-airs to deal with the problems.

“It is just terrible. You really feel the dampness, as you go into the house. At times I can hardly breathe, the mould is just everywhere.

“It is unliveable for a family here, the problems have been going on for 14 years and they just won’t go away “To be fair the council have tried to rectify it, but nothing seems to have worked.”

A spokesman from South-ampton City Council said: “Repair work has been agreed with Mr Vanderstichele with the last of the agreed repairs due to be completed by April 10.

“We have also provided advice on how he can prevent damp and mould in his home.

“We shall follow this up with a further call to check Mr Vanderstichele is happy with the outcome of the repairs.”