Southampton has long been known as the home of the Saints, but how much do people know about England’s patron saint?

The Daily Echo decided to find out, sending reporter Joseph Curtis onto the High Street dressed as St George to quiz the public and find out what St George’s Day means to them.

Daily Echo:

'St George' meets some of the patriotic public

Kitted out in a costume provided by The Fancy Dress Shop in Portswood Road, Joseph discovered the dragon-slaying saint was still fondly thought of by Southampton’s patriotic people.

Hannah Smith, 23, a bank worker from Fareham, said the nation should celebrate St George’s Day as much as our neighbouring countries do their patron saints.

Daily Echo:

Proud Englishwoman Hannah Smith with 'St George'

She said: “He’s the patron saint of England and killed a dragon.

“We should celebrate it more – we celebrate St Patrick’s, St Andrew’s and St David’s days, so why not St George?”