IT WAS the year when the first man walked on the moon and the Beatles were in the charts.

Now a Hampshire pub will be winding back the clock to the swinging sixties – and will have the prices to match.

Staff at the Hunters Inn in Swanmore have taken their 1969 celebrations to the next level and will be serving some of their meals and drinks at the price they would have been in 1969 – and it’s all for charity.

Steak and kidney pie will be 45p, scampi 55p and gammon costs 75p.

A pint of beer will be 10p and there will also be drinks, popular in the 1960s and 1970s, for 10p such as Babysham, sherry and vermouth and lemonade.

Staff will be wearing 1969-inspired clothing, such as miniskirts and hippie outfits, for the celebrations today, which run from midday to 9pm, and they are hoping customers will dig out their own 1960s outfits.

Daily Echo: The Hunters Inn in 1969

The pub, in Hillgrove, is marking 45 years since the Westmacott family took over the running of the pub.

David and Krithea Westmacott became landlord and landlady in 1969.

Current landlord Jonathan Westmacott, 62, took over from his parents in 1971, aged 21, and he and wife Domenika, 41, now run the venue.

They believe Jonathan could be one of the longest-serving landlords in Hampshire.

Jonathan and Domenika came up with the 1969 food and drink theme and have since discovered a menu from 1970 – with some of the foods on it still the same ones they serve today.

Alongside the nostalgia, the event is raising money for Macmillan, and organisers hope people will make up the actual cost of the meal through a donation – there is a minimum donation of £2.

Punters are also limited to two pints.

Domenika said: “It’s just something different; not many families have the same pub for 45 years.

“The more people we get the more we can make for the charity.”

Daily Echo: The 1969 bar price list at The hunters Inn

1969 Factfile

THE year 1969 saw many moments that were to go down in history: n Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the surface of the moon.

• Concorde made its first test flight.

• In the UK, a Labour government was in power under the leadership of Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

• Robin Knox-Johnston became the first person to sail around the world solo without stopping.

• Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales in a ceremony at Caernarfon.

• The Beatles released their Yellow Submarine and Abbey Road albums.

• The first Led Zeppelin album was released.

• Rupert Murdoch bought The News of the World.

• Yoko Ono and John Lennon got married.

• Richard Nixon was inaugurated as the American president.

• The first American troops were withdrawn from Vietnam and thousands took to the streets to protest against the war.

• The United States Navy set up a Navy Fighter Weapons School – it became known as Top Gun.