THE Moscow State Circus returns with its latest production, set in the mystical centre of Moscow’s cultural and artistic quarter Gorky Park.

Superstar Clown Val Defun invites the audience to this wondrous and mysterious place, a place of romance, a place to stroll and take in Moscow at sunset and a place to see magnificent feats of human achievement, the like of which have never been witnessed in Great Britain before. As our loveable buffoon reminisces about past times in one of the most famous cities on earth they are surrounded by a multitude of flying, back flipping, juggling and roller skating performers. Enjoy the awardwinning flying trapeze of Alievs White Birds, the unbelievable roller-skating of the Veslovskis, three bathing beauties swept up on the revolving ariel ring and the unique Yakovlev Vertical Pole Jugglers. There’s everything from the most demanding feats of strength from the hand balancing of Vladislav Khostik to the Kozak whip crackers.

  • The show’s first European tour is at Mayflower Park from Wednesday until May 5.