POLICE in India were last night claiming a breakthrough in the hunt for the killer of a Hampshire man whose body was found dumped in plastic sheets at the side of the road.

They have arrested a tourist tout believed to have been seen with murder victim Andrew Rodick, 39, the day before he was battered to death.

As reported by the Daily Echo yesterday, Mr Rodick, formerly of Hyde Gate, Hyde, was found dead, his body wrapped in a carpet and plastic bag in a side street in the Bhogal district of the capital New Delhi on Sunday.

His hands and feet were tied and burns were found on his arms, head and face, most likely from cigarette stubs and a lighter.

Indian newspapers were reporting that the suspect has coloured hair and sports a ponytail. He was traced through mobile phone records.

The police believe they have also tracked down the guesthouse where Mr Rodick was staying.

Mr Rodick, a father of three, is believed to have gone to India in February and visited Goa, Chennai and Mumbai on a tourist visa.

He was reportedly seen with the suspect several times and after accompanying him from the guesthouse Mr Rodick was not seen again until his body was found 17 hours later.

An Indian national newspaper last night reported a source who said that drugs was a line of enquiry.

Analysis of the call details of the phone number Mr Rodick had apparently used in India has shown his acquaintance with some men of African origin. These men are being traced by the police.

However an obstacle is the lack of any CCTV footage. Sources said that no cameras were working at the scene of crime in Bhogal or where Mr Rodick was staying.

The British High Commission was reported to be still trying to contact his family in the UK.

The post mortem report will reveal further details, police said.