HAMPSHIRE legal firm Warner Goodman LLP has formed a partnership with health and safety experts to help businesses in the region grow.

The firm has teamed up with Southampton health and safety firm HCS Safety Limited to advise companies about employment legislation or health and safety matters. Howard Robson, an employment partner for Warner Goodman LLP, said the partnership means they can offer their Peace of Mind package members more advice for businesses looking to hire more staff.

He said: “The team are delighted to be working with HCS Safety Limited, as now not only can we offer our Peace of Mind members’ security when it comes to employment matters, but also health and safety issues, both of which are the foundations of a successful business and if either are left to chance, can have disastrous consequences for the finances and productivity of a business.”

For further details call 023 8071 7717 or go to warnergoodman.co.uk.