RESIDENTS have called for street lighting in an alleyway where a woman was attacked with bleach.

The 46-year-old victim was lucky to not be left blinded in the incident, which unfolded in Eastleigh, where the substance was thrown at her as she walked to work.

Those who live near the footpath, which is a popular cut-through for people heading towards the town centre, say at present it has no lighting and would like to see it installed in the aftermath of the attack.

As reported in the Daily Echo yesterday, the victim was walking in the alleyway between Newtown Road and George Street when someone came up behind her and threw bleach over her head.

Fortunately her screams were heard by two builders and a passer-by who took her to a nearby house where the homeowner happened to be a former nurse.

She poured water over her face and told her to keep her eyes shut. Doctors said the early intervention could have saved the victim’s sight.

Residents have expressed their concern for the lack of lighting on the footpath.

Lorraine and Keith Huckle, of Newtown Road, who have lived there for 20 years, said that even though the incident happened in daylight hours, they would still like to see street lighting installed on the path to make it safer.

“It’s not lit up enough. There’s nothing at all,” said Mrs Huckle. “It’s a risk at night time.”

Sara Harrison, 40, of Newtown Road, the former nurse who helped the victim, also called for lighting.

She said: “Everybody uses the alleyways and they are pitch black. I don’t go down them because they’re so dark. It should be lit, especially that one as it’s such a popular run.”

Meanwhile police revealed that foot patrols in the area, particularly focused on the footpath where it happened, have been stepped up in the aftermath of the incident.

Police, who have described the attack, which happened between 9.20am and 9.30am on Monday, as “vicious” and “dangerous”, are still hunting the woman’s attacker.

They made a further appeal for anyone with information or anyone who saw suspicious activity to come forward.

Call Eastleigh CID on 101.