HE IS a changed dog and back on four legs.

Thanks to a Daily Echo appeal hundreds of readers came forward earlier this year and raised money for three-legged dog Shadow to get a new prosthetic leg.

Now, after months of physiotherapy, lots of visits to his vet, wearing out two soles and out-growing the temporary prosthetic leg, his owner Sara May has said he’s doing well and has thanked everyone who helped get him back on his feet.

The appeal raised the £6,000 the 19-month-old German Shepherd needed including a donation of £2,000 from a retired Totton man who Sara now hopes to track down before she moves to the Isle of Wight.

She wants him to come forward so that she and Shadow can thank him in person and so that he can see Shadow walking properly again.

Sara, 39, a courier and mum-of-two, said: “I’m moving to the Isle of Wight next week and I would really like to track down a man who donated £2,000 towards his new leg.

“He did note his phone number on the back of the cheque but I have now cashed the cheque in and lost the number. Now I really want him to come forward so that Shadow and I can thank him in person and so that he can see Shadow on his leg and walking.

“He absolutely loves his new leg. He’s just like a normal dog and I have noticed he’s cheekier now. When he had three legs he did not pull on his lead that much but now he’s got stronger.

“It has changed his life and he’s now a proper dog. To watch him running and playing now it’s absolutely amazing. I’m so pleased for him.

“I’m just really glad that he had that chance and I thank the Daily Echo for their help and everyone who donated.”

Sara is now getting another three-legged German Shepherd which she wants to get back on four legs.