THEY say a haircut can make all the difference and in this case that is undoubtedly true.

This homeless hairy hound underwent a makeover in the hope of attracting a new family.

Six-year-old Chewy is almost unrecognisable after undergoing a serious trim at a Hampshire rescue centre, where he came in looking a bit overgrown.

Daily Echo:


Staff at the Southampton Blue Cross decided that the Lhasa apso breed canine could do with smartening up and say he now looks half the dog he was.

Daily Echo:


Chewy, named after the hair Star Wars character Chewbacca, came in from the Sholing area of Southampton after his owner’s circumstances changed and they could no longer care for him.

Daily Echo:


He has been at the Blue Cross for three weeks.

Staff describe Chewy as a happy, friendly dog who loves socialising and going out for walks, and would make a good companion.

Daily Echo: After his hair cut.

He does have a sensitive skin condition, which means he has to stick to a special diet.

Laura Boyle, rehoming supervisor at Blue Cross, said: “Little Chewy was such a hairball when he arrived – he was well overdue for a bit of a trim.

“We got rid of so much hair, he looks almost half the size and I’m sure he’s feeling a lot cooler too.

“He’s such a sweet little dog and even harder to resist now he’s smartened up.”

Staff at the centre, in Bubb Lane, West End, say grooming is important for all dogs though a smooth-coated dog will require at least weekly grooming and a rough or long-coated dog will need more.

The Blue Cross says a dog like Chewy, which is bred for colder climates, would need regular grooming if his coat was kept long, but in warmer weather was probably better with a trim to keep him cool.

The Lhasa apso breed originates in Tibet and were once used in Buddhist monasteries as guards to alert monks to intruders.

If you can offer Chewy a new home call the Southampton Blue Cross on 0300 777 1530.