FIRST it was donkeys seeing the red mist in Hampshire – now it’s cows.

An elderly woman needed hospital treatment after being headbutted in the stomach as she walked in the New Forest.

The latest incident saw the 81-year-old attacked by a large pregnant cow.

It happened as she walked her schnauzer dog on land off Normandy Lane in Lymington – the same area where two women were chased and butted last week.

The attacks have now prompted Hampshire County Council to put up signs warning that cows with calves are grazing in the area and urging people to pass with care.

They have also helped the owner of the animals to move them to a restricted area.

On the first occasion the dramatic moment was captured on camera by wildlife photographer Charlie Stratton and only came to an end when one of the quick-thinking women used her cardigan to keep the animal at bay.

The victim of the latest incident, who did not want to be named, likened it to being in the ring with Muhammad Ali and said it left her in hospital for seven hours.

She said: “There was nobody there and I just laid there. I was very worried that the cow would stamp on me or do something.

“I have walked through that field 100 times and I have never had a problem before.”

The woman was eventually helped to her feet by a runner passing by.

Sue Westwood, clerk to the Verderers, the organisation that looks after the New Forest’s ponies, cattle and donkeys, said: “Any cow that has a calf is going to be protective of it, members of the public should be aware and keep their distance.”

The cow attacks come days after the Daily Echo reported a string of attacks on people by donkeys at Hatchet Pond near Beaulieu.

Nurse Jenny Caine and her daughter Isabelle were visiting the Hampshire beauty spot when the animals surrounded them, cutting off their escape route.

Miss Caine, 38, of New Milton, was bitten on the back and knocked to the ground, causing her to drop her child.