A HAMPSHIRE family is calling for help from their community to make their son's life more comfortable following his latest brain operation.

At the age of just three, little Milo Lockley-Boyd has already undergone a series of major brain procedures.

Now his family wants to celebrate his bravery and are urging others to help rally round to make his life easier.

Milo, from Chandler’s Ford, who appeared in ITV hit costume drama Downton Abbey, suffers from hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain, since birth.

Daily Echo:

Milo with twin brother Woody

Having come home after a six-week trip to hospital, Milo’s family are now throwing him a party and inviting the public to help his recovery.

Hospital Milo and his twin brother Woody were born prematurely.

At five weeks old, Milo was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and has spent the past three years in and out of hospital.

The condition causes a build-up of fluid on the brain, and to stop further damage patients must undergo surgery to place a shunt in their head which drains excess water.

On average a shunt lasts at least ten years, but at three years old Milo has just had his 14th shunt fitted at Southampton General Hospital. Each time he has surgery it causes more damage to his brain.

Despite his condition, when Milo was six months old he had a starring role in Downton Abbey as maid Ethel Parker’s baby boy in season two.

Milo’s mum Millie said: “He has had the worst two years since being on Downton.

“For some reason or other, the shunts haven’t worked for him and every time he goes into surgery we lose a little bit of our boy. His balance isn’t great and after his latest surgery some of his words haven’t come back, but he is so lovely and smiley. There are some days when I could just sit and cry but you have to be positive and we want to make every day with Milo like a party.”

Daily Echo:

Six-month-old Milo on the set of Downton Abbey with on-screen mum Amy Nuttall

Tickets cost £10 and money raised will go towards buying Milo an electric bed to keep him comfortable after surgery.