IT is a breakfast fit for an Olympian.

With enough food to feed a family for a whole week the Bubble and Squeak Olympic Breakfast has defeated 29 brave souls who tackled the mighty meal.

Its list of ingredients will make your mouth – or your eyes – water: six sausages, six bacon rashers, six eggs, two portions of black pudding, two portions of baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, two rounds of fried, toasted and buttered bread, two burgers, bubble and squeak and to round off – a generous portion of chips, for £20.

It packs a whopping 5,000 calories – double the daily recommended intake for an adult male.

Daily Echo reporter Rory McKeown became the 30th challenger to fail to conquer the breakfast but took the honour of being the closest so far to polish the meal off.

Peter Hurley, who serves up the mega meal at his cafe Bubble and Squeak in Hampton Lane, Blackfield, came up with it after their original challenge, dubbed the Fisherman’s Breakfast, was met by a 14-year-old boy.

Daily Echo:

Peter said: “It was started by three fishermen, who designed their own breakfast.

This lasted for six to nine months and it was beaten by a lad of 14.

“We had to make a bigger breakfast to make it fairer.

Since then we have had 30 try and 30 fail.

“They are all full of vigour for the first quarter of an hour. At half an hour they start thinking: ‘Can I eat this?’ and at three quarters of an hour they usually push the plate away, look at me and say: ‘Sorry, I can’t eat this’.

“It’s a one-off experience – no one is going to do it as an everyday thing. I always say to people enjoy what you are eating. Just enjoy it.

“It’s a friendly place. From motorcyclists, pensioners and babies, we get to know everybody and they get to know us.”

But a note of caution has been sounded by campaigners at the National Obesity Forum.

Spokesman Tam Fry said: “It would be OK if you were an Olympic swimmer because a meal of that amount of calories would be a regular feature in your diet because they swim up to 15 miles a day.

“It is no way to start the day – or any time of the day.”

The Olympic Breakfast
• Six sausages
• Six bacon rashers
• Six eggs
• Two portions of black pudding
• Two portions of baked beans
• Tomatoes
• Mushrooms
• Two rounds of fried, toasted and buttered bread
• Two burgers
• Bubble and squeak
• A generous portion of chips

Rory’s verdict: Anyone who can finish this deserves a gold medal

Daily Echo:

IT truly is a mountain of food.

The Bubble and Squeak cafe has branded this mammoth meal The Olympic Breakfast.

I got a little nervous when the plates of bread – toast, fried bread and bread and butter – were placed in front of me.

And then the showstopper made its way to the table. I’d never seen so much food on one plate.

I had to admit it, I was scared. But I’m not one to brush away a challenge and I got stuck in with
enthusiasm, tackling the sausages, bacon and fried bread in a desperate attempt to clear the plate.

With each bite I got more confident but that terrifying sight of three plates of bread surrounding the dish knocked me back.

I blocked the food out of my mind andconcentrated on the task at hand.

Yet for all my focused effort I admitted defeat just before the hour mark. I was so close to the gold medal but had to settle for silver.

Disappointed, I was buoyed by cafe owner Peter Hurley, who said my effort was the best out of all 30 so far.

I’ve achieved many things in my life – my 50 metres swimming badge, a black belt in karate and 100 words a minute in shorthand – but this has to rank up there with the best.

It was tasty but I don’t think I’ll need to eat for a week.